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Irrigation Services: Maintenance in Oxfordshire

The experts at Irrigation Systems in Oxfordshire are committed to looking after your garden watering systems year after year. Whereas some companies offering irrigation services would rather install a system and then move on to the next one without any kind of aftercare, we are different. It is important to us that you get the best from our products.

The logistics of organising regular maintenance for hundreds of customers in Oxfordshire and the M25 catchment area certainly provide a challenge.. Yet we feel that we have a responsibility keep your garden watering systems in tip-top condition.

This is in no way an empty promise; we are wholly committed to providing customer service that is unrivalled in either Oxfordshire or any of its surrounding areas. At every stage, what you receive with Irrigation Systems is punctuality and ‘service with a smile’ from highly-trained engineers with a strong customer focus.

We are able to organise maintenance work for all our customers using up modern technology. The fact that we store all customer information using cloud technology enables our engineers to use smartphones to access all the customers’ information, their system history and appointment schedule. This maximises the efficiency of our irrigation services and allows us to give customers in Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas the best service around.


We begin by inspecting garden sprinkler systems before our customers turn them on for the spring. If any parts become plugged or break when unused during the colder months, we clean or replace them. We also make adjustments to ensure your sprinkler heads are spraying in the proper position and on target. We then discuss your needs with you to ensure any new gardens, plants, or shrubs to ensure they all receive the proper level of irrigation.

For high quality garden sprinkler systems complete with professional aftercare in Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas, please call Irrigation Systems on 01993 775 134 or 07860 469 951 now!