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The Benefits of an Automatic Watering System for Devon Garden

Irrigation Services is an Oxfordshire-based company that installs garden sprinkler systems for homeowners and businesses in Devon. As a firm believer in carrying out a full service that goes beyond an automatic watering system fitting, we supply a dedicated aftercare service for all garden sprinkler systems. We also visit many rural areas across the UK.

As we head out into areas in Devon, we often see gardens in the area that could benefit from our irrigation services. The most common mistake people make is either over-watering or under-watering. On this page, we point out the differences and how garden watering systems can benefit your home.

Over and Under Watering

The main signs of over-watering are that the lawn remains soggy for longer periods, increased mowing is needed due to thicker growth and grass blades wilt and feel limp. By using an automatic watering system through Irrigation Services, we can help you avoid unnecessary over-watering at your Devon home.

Over-watering also makes gardens more susceptible to diseases. This is what you should be looking out for if you feel that your Devon lawn is suffering.

Under-watering will show dry soil, slower blade growth and the grass won’t spring back quickly once stepped on. As garden sprinkler systems become a more common and affordable way of keeping lawns correctly watered, under-watering becomes a thing of the past.

Irrigation Services takes great pride in keeping lawns healthy and making your garden an attractive and beautiful place to spend time in.

Our garden watering systems mean you get:

We are able to set up and install a bespoke automatic watering system that will maintain a thick and healthy garden at all times at your Devon home.

For more information about our garden watering systems, call Irrigation Services today on 01993 775134. We cover all parts of the South West including Devon.