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Garden Watering System in the Cotswolds | A Guide to Micro-Irrigation Services

If you want an easier and more effective way to water you garden or greenhouse, a micro-irrigation system is the perfect solution. At Irrigation Services we design and install a range of automatic watering systems to keep your plants in the best condition with minimal hassle. We also undertake irrigation maintenance to keep your system working as it should. Our micro garden watering systems are low pressure solutions that are suitable for all gardens and requirements in the Cotswolds and surrounding areas, and they offer a variety of benefits over traditional garden sprinkler systems. For more information about these systems, and to discover their advantages, read our handy guide below.

With over 19 years’ experience, our team delivers expert advice and solutions for every space in the Cotswolds. We offer full design, supply and installation services and ensure durable, high quality results no matter which system you choose.

What are Micro-Irrigation Systems?

A micro-irrigation system is a type of garden watering system that uses a lower pressure and flow, making them more efficient than traditional systems. They are also known as localised, low volume, low flow or trickle irrigation systems.

How Do They Work?

Irrigation systems are underground networks of pipes and tiny emitters that supply water directly to the roots of plants. As part of our irrigation services, we can also include features such as moisture sensors which allow the system to regulate itself and emit water when necessary.

As with all watering systems, it is important to arrange periodic irrigation maintenance to prevent problems and to keep your system working smoothly and efficiently.

Uses of Micro-Irrigation Systems

These automatic watering systems are ideal for all kinds of gardens in the Cotswolds, including decorative and landscaped gardens as well as vegetable patches and greenhouses. Micro-irrigation systems are also popular for agricultural applications.

As with our garden sprinkler systems, micro-irrigation systems are popular in dry and sunny areas where gardens may experience water scarcity at certain times of year. Furthermore, they are ideal for environmentally conscious customers and Irrigation Services regularly works with clients who wish to minimise their water use while maintaining healthy plants.

Types of Micro-Irrigation Systems

We provide design, supply and installation services for all types of garden watering systems in the Cotswolds, including the different varieties of micro-irrigation systems. In addition, no matter which system you have, we also undertake irrigation maintenance to keep it in good condition and working correctly.

The different types of micro-irrigation are:

Drip Irrigation – This system lets water slowly drip to the roots of plants to water them directly. This reduces evaporation and helps save water and nutrients. For an automatic watering system that is nearly 100% efficient, drip irrigation systems can also include an automated timer.

Micro Garden Sprinkler Systems – Above-surface sprinklers can emit a fine or coarse spray, or discharge water in streams, offering various flow rates and patterns. These systems are more suitable for open areas or large-scale projects because they can cover larger areas. They are also ideal for penetrating compact beds and dense foliage.

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