Irrigation Garden Services

Garden Sprinkler Systems in Buckinghamshire

We are Irrigation Systems near Buckinghamshire – the irrigation specialists. We are a local business and we pride ourselves on our efficiency, as well as our ability to give you a personal service. We plan, design and install garden watering systems which we customise specifically for all your landscaping needs. Our irrigation services are second to none.

Imagine yourself in a picture perfect garden; the smell of freshly cut grass filling the air; a lush, green lawn, with borders filled with blossom and flowers? Much of the work required in maintaining a garden lies in irrigation which can be difficult. Here at Irrigation Systems (near Buckinghamshire), easy for you!

Garden irrigation involves applying water to soil to aid the healthy growth of plants such as grass, shrubs, flowers, trees and plants, which is especially useful during periods of irregular rainfall.  As different soil types drain at different rates, an automatic watering system allows you to apply the precise amount of water a specific type of landscape requires.

These automated timers and controls allow watering to be undertaken overnight and early in the morning, at which time the lack of sunlight minimises evaporation. Not only does this conserve water, but it also saves precious time that would have been spent watering your garden by hand. It also allows you to keep your garden lush and green while you are away from Buckinghamshire on your summer holiday.

Our products are not only useful for your garden. Watering systems are also useful on balconies and courtyards in and around Buckinghamshire. Larger garden sprinkler systems are suitable for lawns and borders. We can advise you of the most convenient and efficient garden watering systems to ensure your garden gets exactly the amount of water it needs.

Our Expert installations conserve water, while our low cost, yet specialist maintenance service gives your automatic watering system a longer life. Garden irrigation is one of the wisest investments you can make for your home; saving you money, time and water. Garden sprinkler systems improve your home by helping you achieve and maintain your outside space.

For specialist irrigation services, please call Irrigation System of Oxfordshire on 01993 221 182 or 07860 469 951.