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Frequently Asked Questions

How Will I Benefit from an Automatic Watering System?
Since hand watering with a hose pipe is done on a random basis, and at irregular intervals, an automatic watering system will actually use less water on average. It will also disperse the water at an even rate and for a predetermined amount of time.

Will the Installation Make a Mess of My Lawn?
Most installations can be done with minimum disturbance to lawn areas. Turf can be lifted and narrow trenches dug with ease.

How Long Does an Automatic Watering System Take to Install?
This would depend on the size of the area that your system will serve.

What Type of Maintenance Does the System Require?
All systems need to be winterised at the end of the season.

What Happens When it Rains?
An irrigation rain sensor is available with each system. This device senses rainfall and will shut down your system when it has received enough rain. The sensor is adjustable, so it can be set to your individual needs.

If you have any further questions about any type of automatic watering system, then don't hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our experts at our base in Oxfordshire.

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